Activate Your Feng Shui with 8 Crystals

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique, more than 5000 years old, which, applied correctly, helps us improve our life, health and relationships.

We all wish for a beautiful life, we wish to be wealthy and loved. By simply decorating our environment in the right way we can obtain almost everything we desire. However, not all of us benefit from maximum luck. That’s because there are three types of luck:

  • the heavenly luck (which we are born with and we can’t influence – it’s like karma)
  • the earthly luck which you can activate with Feng Shui
  • the humanly luck which depends on you and on the efforts you make for getting what you want.

By activating the earthly luck and by a sustained effort from your side you can obtain almost everything you want in life. Your Feng Shui activation will bring you opportunities in life (favorable occasions) which, if you take advantage of, will bring you everything you wish for.

This website’s mission is to help and guide you enhance your life.

I love what I do and I strongly believe in Feng Shui.

I discovered Feng Shui 14 years ago. I studied it and used it ever since for myself and for my family and friends. Experience proves it works. It is a delight to see the results. Your first results should occur within six months from activation.

The fees involved by a Feng Shui study are fair, considering the time and effort involved from the consultant’s side in developing a thorough report that’s customized especially for you and nobody else.

I like to have an ongoing relationship with my clients. I would answer all your questions related to your Feng Shui study until you are satisfied. The client-specialist relationship extends beyond exchanging money for a Feng Shui study. It goes on via email communication until you obtain the desired result, with no additional costs for you.

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, no question asked. If you aren’t satisfied with your consultation, I’ll give you your money back.

What a Feng Shui consultant needs for the consultation:

  • Your house plan integrated in the surroundings (surroundings are needed in order to identify perturbations caused by nearby buildings and to determine what faces the entrance door, the positioning of the street vs. your house)
  • The street number of your house or the apartment number (you don’t need to provide the name of the street, for privacy reasons) – this is needed for the numerological interpretation of the location
  • The date when the house was built or the date of the last major renovation
  • Birth dates of all inhabitants in the house (day, month, year and hour of birth, if known)
  • The plan of the house needs to include the exact directions of North, South, East and West. If you don’t know them, ask somebody to measure them for you with a compass or try to identify them on Google Earth. It is very important that cardinal directions are precisely determined, otherwise the Feng Shui report might not really help you.
  • On the plan of the house, in the kitchen, mark the following: stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink.
The main condition for Feng Shui to work is to MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS and DECLUTTER. If you can’t commit to this, don’t Feng Shui your home, because you won’t get results.
All consultation types come with a 45 day money back guarantee. If you apply everything in your study and you don’t see the expected results within 45 days from the day you placed your order, I’ll reimburse you the money without asking any questions. Please note that you must maintain cleanliness and order in your home, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Choose your desired Feng Shui consultation here:

Feng Shui

  • Kua numbers for all family members and their level of compatibility with the house
  • Pakua (Bagua) map application on your house plan and its evaluation
  • Report of the problems and advantages of your house according to Feng Shui principles
  • -
  • -
  • Delivery term: 1 day


Feng Shui
Full Study

  • Kua numbers for all family members and their level of compatibility with the house
  • Pakua (Bagua) map application on your house plan and its evaluation
  • Report of the problems and advantages of your house according to Feng Shui principles
  • Full evaluation for each room
  • Feng Shui cures for all problems revealed
  • Delivery term: 3 days


Flying Stars Study for Year 2013

  • Very complex study, with maximum benefits for your life
  • The flying stars study gives information precisely for the current Chinese year.
  • It teaches us which are the dangers and the beneficial areas for the respective year.
  • -
  • -
  • Delivery term: 6 days



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